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Our manufacturing methods are a return to basics, we do not use advanced technology or artificial additives in the composition of products.You can distinguish our chocolates by their finesse, by their strong character in cocoa and by their sugar content.

The highest quality of our ingredients is therefore essential so that their specific natural properties are at their best. As for our chocolate, it comes from suppliers that we have selected among the best in the world.

We imagine our recipes from discoveries, created from a unique accord of patiently assembled flavours, to achieve the perfect balance of the purest flavours. For us, the quest for excellence is as satisfying as the result itself!

At Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois, everything is handmade. Our employees are artists who express their passion in every gesture, from design to personalized packaging.

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Factory & Store

1659, rue Ontario est

Montreal, Qc, H2L 1S8

Shopping hours

Tuesday to Friday  9 – 17h

Saturday, Sunday and Monday  Closed


162 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest

Montreal (Quebec) H2T 2L3


Shopping hours

Monday Colsed

Tuesday to Sunday 10 – 18h

Marché Atwater

138 avenue Atwater

Montréal (Québec) H4C 2H6

(514) 933-1331

Shopping hours

Monday to Friday 9 – 18h

Saturday & Sunday 9 – 17h