Collection: Childhood Memories

Chocolatière Geneviève Grandbois gave herself a challenge and then dedicated her considerable skill to achieving it: to create chocolates that would transport us into the past.

Geneviève’s challenge was not to imitate the chocolate candy of our youth, but rather to recreate the pleasure we got from sweets back then.

Once Geneviève had created her chocolates inspired by youthful pleasures, she went even further: she developed a mise-en-scène to use when enjoying the chocolates, complete with its own soundtrack! “I want my chocolates to help people feel good,” says Geneviève. “I want to go beyond the material aspect of my work.”

Gourmets and gourmands are invited to dive into the memories that are triggered by these skilfully conceived flavours and textures. The mise-en-scène for chocolate tasting can be done in stores or at home.

The first Souvenirs d’enfance (Childhood Memories) chocolates have ingenuous names that will bring a smile to your lips: Mougat, Coconut, Cherise and Guimôve.

Please visit Laurent Guardo’s website, composer of the Childhood Memories music

To help you dive deep into your Childhood Memories–and then re-emerge smiling–here is a mise-en-scene for your chocolate consumption, developed by Geneviève Grandbois, chocolatiers. In this scene, you are both the actor and spectator:

Step 1
Close your eyes. Or better yet, use a blindfold to fully experience this moment of intimacy with your chocolate.

Step 2
Listen to the music composed especially for Souvenirs d’enfance (Childhood Memories). Let it permeate you. Let the images flow through your mind. Let yourself go.

Download the music of Childhood Memories

Step 3
Touch the chocolate with your fingers and with a child’s impertinent curiosity. Break it apart if you want to. Feel its textures.

Step 4
Bring the chocolate to your nose. Inhale every nuance of its fragrance.

Step 5
Open your mouth and taste your chocolate. Bite into it. Chew it or let it melt. Do what you want with it; it’s all yours.

Step 6
When you’re done, feel free to come back to the here-and-now or prolong the journey with another Childhood Memory.

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