• Gianduja A creamy hazelnut butter and chocolate mixture sprinkled with caramelized hazelnut chips. Érable Pecans caramelized in maple sugar with a touch of smoked salt, accompanied by a mixture of maple butter and pure maple syrup. Caramel Our signature caramel flavoured with vanilla bean and enhanced with fleur de sel. Extra-vierge Ganache marrying 70% cocoa dark chocolate with a subtle olive oil with fruity and nutty accents.
  •   Bambou gift basket - 16 products This beautiful double-decker gift basket contains:
    • 1 chocolate bar "Carré Fleur de sel"
    • 1 chocolate bar ''Carré Menthe poivrée''
    • 1 chocolate bar ''Carré Noir''
    • 1 chocolate bar ''Carré Érable''
    • 1 jars of Caramel ''Fleur de sel'',
    • 1 jars of Caramel ''Caramel Choco Noisette'',
    • 1 tin metal boxes of 9 chocolates
    • 1 boxe of Brindilles ''Fleur de sel''
    • 1 boxe of Brindilles ''Maple''
    • 3 Cherise
    • 3 Mougat
    • 2 Rocher
    • 1 bag of Crunchy Fleur de sel Caramel
  • $50 gift certificate redeemable in one of our three boutiques.


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