Genevieve Grandbois

You might say my discovery of chocolate was a patent case of love at first sight, although I’d be hard-pressed to say exactly why. My passion was born during a conference/demonstration that was held as part of the Forum on Chocolate. And so at age 20, I decided to devote myself to the subject full time. I spent all my leisure hours poring through every book about chocolate I could find in bookstores and libraries. I also began to purchase various materials and, little by little, my kitchen was converted into a workshop. I eventually found a job at a small chocolate factory, where I took my first training course. In the months that followed, I managed to scrounge up enough money to take follow-up courses in Belgium (among other places) with master chocolatiers who shared my passion and taught me the tricks of the trade.

At 21, I opened my first chocolate shop. For three years, I worked nonstop to build my business with whatever means I had available, including friends who were called on to lend a helping hand. There was a lot of work involved and countless problems to resolve; and there were also many times when I felt completely discouraged. I spent many long hours creating recipes and learning every aspect of running a business. But above all else, there was the satisfaction of knowing that my products were highly thought of, that my customers were loyal, and that I had chosen the right path.

After my daughter was born, I was faced with the difficulty of balancing work and family life. Before I knew it, I had run out of steam. As a result, I decided to sell my chocolate shop, which was just beginning to take off.

Over the next three years I remained dedicated to my passion, but in a different way. I continued to hone my skills, refine my recipes and experiment with no holds barred and for my own personal pleasure with new products, different raw materials, and novel combinations. Relying on the experience gained from managing my own chocolate shop, I started thinking about how I could market my products.

Thus in 2003, I was now much more confident in my abilities. Over the years, I had acquired a solid foundation in the basics of the trade. To tell the truth, chocolate no longer held any secrets for me: I understood its moods and whims, and I was able to have fun with it. But I also wanted to acquaint others with the results of my research, my experiments, my passion. Thus, in 2003, I launched a new store called Les Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois. And so the love affair continues, filling each day with uniquely delightful moments. I would like nothing better than to share them with you.

Company history


Our first production facility is opened in downtown Montreal

Installation of our kiosk at the Atwater Market in Montreal

Official opening of Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois


Relocation of production

Opening of the boutique-factory on St. Viateur West, in Montreal.

Development of the Corporate Gift division


Development of a distribution-network throughout Quebec

St.Viateur boutique won the Design Montreal Commerce award


Relocation of the production to a larger space on Esplanade, in Montreal


New delivery service for our clients in Montreal, Quebec city, and Toronto

Began producing custom chocolates for corporations


Opening of the Chocoalte Bar in the Dix30 district, in Brossard


Geneviève wins the business-woman of the year award


Creation of ‘’Mouvement du cœur’’ ‘’Movement of the heart’’


New and optimized production facility

First harvest for the plantation


Launch of new book ‘’Passion Chocolat’’